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Ancient Near East

Favored Source Attridge, Harold W. and Robert A. Oden, Jr. Philo of Byblos: The Phoenician History. The Catholic Biblical Association of America, Washington, DC, 1981.

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Canaan and Ugarit

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Canaanite/Ugaritic Religion

Del Olmo Lete, Gregorio. La Religión Cananea Según la Liturgia de Ugarit. Editorial Ausa, Barcelona, 1992.
There is an English Language Version: Canaanite Religion According to the Liturgical Texts of Ugarit. Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, IN, 2004.

Favored Source Pardee, Dennis. Ritual and Cult at Ugarit. Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, Georgia. 2002.

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Canaanite/Ugaritic Deities and Literature

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Ugaritic Language

Gordon, Cyrus. Ugaritic Textbook. Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, Rome, 1998.

Favored Source Schniedewind, William M. and Joel H. Hunt. A Primer on Ugaritic Language, Culture, and Literature. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2007.

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For Kids

Family-friendly Resource Broida, Marian. Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide. Chicago Review Press, 1999. (Children)

Family-friendly Resource The Ancient Near East: A Bellerophon Coloring Book. Bellerophon Books, Santa Barbara, California, 1997. (Children)

For more children's resources, see The Sand Box.

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Ancient Near Eastern Religion, Modern/Reconstructed Practices

Dawson, Tess. Editor. Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deiteis of the Near and Middle East. Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2011. ISBN 1463728972 .

Mierzwicki, Tony. Graeco-Egyptian Magick. Megalithica Books, 2006. ISBN: 1905713037.

Winter, Sarah Kate Istra. Kharis: Hellenic Polytheism Explored. CreateSpace, USA, 2008. ISBN: 143823192X.

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Canaanite Religion, Natib Qadish: Modern Revived and Recontruction Practices

Dawson, Tess. Whisper of Stone: Natib Qadish, Modern Canaanite Religion. O-Books, 2009. ISBN 1846941903.

Dawson, Tess. The Horned Altar: Canaanite Magic. Llewellyn Worldwide, 2012. Coming Soon!

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Jewwitchery, Judeo-Paganism, Jewish Shamanism

Hunter, Jennifer. Magickal Judaism: Connecting Pagan and Jewish Practice. Citadel Press, 2006. ISBN 0806525762.

Winkler, Gershon. Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2003. ISBN 1556434448.

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Canaanite/Ugaritic Research Sites and Educational Institutions

Abnormal Interests: Ugarit Archive: a blog about anything Ugaritic...

Amarna Letters: Letters from Canaanite kings to Egyptian capital

El-Amarna Letters at the Vorderasiatisches Museum of Berlin

Bronze Age: Middle Bronze Age Canaanites (Boston University)

Bronze Age: Late Bronze Age Canaanites (Boston University)

Favored Resource Family-friendly Resource Canaan and Ancient Israel, University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ, ver. 1.2


A Chronology of Canaanite City-States

Countries: Lebanon: Byblos

The Cultural ‘Collapse’ at the End of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean

Ebla (Tell Mardikh)

Favored Resource The Edinburgh Ras Shamra ( Ugarit) Project


Gezer Calendar

Hatzor: The Head of All Those Kingdoms, an article by Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Natufian Culture in the Levant: Threshold to the Origins of Agriculture

The Oldest Song in the World Scholarly Musical Interpretations of a Hymn to Yarikh and Nikkal

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

Phoenicia: A Bequest Unearthed

Qatna: Udine University 2002 Excavation

Ugarit (Ras Shamra) in French

Ugarit (Ras Shamra)

Umm el-Marra, The Johns Hopkins/University of Amsterdam Joint Expedition in Syria

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General Ancient Near East Research Sites

Favored Resource ASOR's Links for Ancient Near East Sites

Ancient Near East Net: Exploring and Resourcing the Ancient Near East & Egypt

British Museum Online Gallery, Ancient Near East Collection

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ancient Near East Collection

Sacred Texts, Ancient Near East Archive

Syria Museum, Ancient Near East Collection

World Wide Websites Relating to the Ancient Mediterranean

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Canaanite/Ugaritic Language Resources

Durham University’s Ugaritic Course

Introduction to Ugaritic Grammar, Quartz Hill School of Theology

Omniglot: Ugaritic Alphabet

Ugaritic Language Software

Ugaritic Texts, Digital and Online

Ugaritic Translation Software

David Myriad Rosenbaum's Font Sanctuary: Ugaritic and Phoenician Fonts

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Ancient Near East Magic

Ancient Divination and Astrology on the Web

Babylonian Magick

Magic in the Graeco-Roman World

Seals: Seals and Materials from Ancient Through Medieval Times in Near & Middle East

Favored Resource Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity: University of Michigan

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Canaanite Scholarly Research Groups

Ugarit Discussion Group

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Vendors of Canaanite and Near Eastern Items

Bella Roma Music The "Sounds from Silence" CD features a recreation of the hymn of Yarikh and Nikkal

Favorite! De Organographia, Music of the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks: Several Hurrian Hymns including the hymn of Yarikh and Nikkal. Excellent Recording. Available through Northwest Music. A *must have* for Canaanite, Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, and Hurrian Polytheists.

Eisenbrauns Books Scholarly Research Books

Fire Mountain Beads Stones, Beads, "Hamsa" or "Hand of Fatima" Pendants

Folkwear Clothing Patterns: Caravan Collection Clothing Patterns for Sewing

Sacred Source: All Middle Eastern Items Some Deity Statues

The Shofar Man Mostly Jewish Items

Waw Allap Mostly Assyrian Artifactual Reproductions


Herbs, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Incense Making Supplies and Scented Oil Supplies

Auracacia Essential Oils

Chemistry Store Containers, Dead Sea Salts, and much more

Essential Oil Essential Oils and Perfume Oils

Moutain Rose Herbs for Herbs, Incense Making Supplies, Teas, and Scented and Essential Oils

Ravenwood Spa Excellent Incenses, and wonderful Fragrance Oils that work well in incense making.

Scents of the Earth Hard-to-find Incense Making Supplies, plus some lovely sounding blends.

Soma Luna Hard-to-find Incense Making Supplies, Resins, and Herbs

Victorie, Inc. Biblical Aromatherapy Oil Blends, Incense, Terra Cotta Oil Lamps, Christian Products

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Canaanite Polytheist Sites

Kna'ani: Impressions of Tess Dawson, Canaanite Polytheist

Mathbatu: A Canaanite Polytheist's Blog

Order of the Temple of Astarte

The Phoenician Sacred Letters: Divine Writing for Meditation and Divination

Qadash Kinahnu: A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple

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Canaanite Religious Discussion Groups


Natib Qadish Discussion Group on Yahoo

Whisper of Stone on Facebook

See also Courtyard for a list.

Know of others? Let me know! admin at

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Jewish Pagan, Hebew Pagan, Jewwitchery Sites

Asherah's Place: A Blog for Jewish Paganism

Book Review on “Reinstating the Divine Woman in Judaism” by Jenny Kien

A Goddess Sabbath: Shabbat Rite for Asherah

The Jewish American Pagan List

The Jewish Pagan Resource Page


The Library (List of Links) for "Pillar of Smoke"

Shuv Tamid: An Online Temple to Asherah

Women and House Religion in Israel

Know of others? Let me know! admin at

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Various Ancient Near East and Mediterranean Polytheist Groups


Mesopotamian Religion (Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Assyrian)



Enenuru bulletin board, for academic discussion

Sumer Garden of the Gods, Yahoo Discussion Group

Sumerian Pagan LiveJournal Discussion Group

Sumerian Religion

Temple of Sumer

Sumerian Mythology FAQ


Babylonian Magick

Babylon Rising

Gateways to Babylon: Babylonian Paganism

Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ

Egypitan Religion (Kemetic/Kemet)

Akhet Hwt Hwr

The House of Netjer

International Network of Kemetics Kemetic Orthodox Religion

Per Ankh

Shrine of a Shemsu: Kemetic Orthodox Religion

Greek Religion (Hellenic/Hellenismos)

Hellenic Neo-Paganism



Roman Religion (Religio Romana)

Nova Roma: Religio Romana

The Roman Way

Societas Via Romana

Temple of Religio Romana

Graeco (Greco)/Roman/Egyptian Religion

The Magick of Alexandria: Graeco-Egyptian Magic

Neos Alexandria: Graeco-Egyptian Polytheism

Societas Via Romana: Greek and Roman Religion

For more Web Community links, see Courtyard

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Various Ancient Near East and Mediterranean Religious Communites

Date Palm Forum: Near East, Middle East, Mediterranean Religion

Interfaith Reconstructionism, Yahoo Discussion Group: All Reconstructionist paths

Polytheist Charity: All Reconstructionist paths; an Interfaith Group Dedicated to Encouraging Charity

Tablet of Destiny, Yahoo Discussion Group: All Reconstructionist paths

Hellenic Polytheist Directory: Greek Religion

Hellenismos Forum: Greek Religion

International Network of Kemetics Forum: Egyptian Religion

The Jewish American Pagan List: Jewish/Hebrew Paganism

Asherah, Yahoo Discussion Group : Jewish Goddess Forum

The Goddess Christians Forum, Yahoo Discussion Group

Neos Alexandria: Greco-Egyptian and Roman Religion

Nova Roma Forum: Roman Religion/Religio Romana

Enenuru bulletin board, for academic discussion of Sumer

Sumer Garden of the Gods, Yahoo Discussion Group: Sumerian Religion

Sumerian Pagan LiveJournal Discussion Group: Sumerian Religion

Sumerian Discussion Forum: Sumerian Religion

For more Web Community links, see Courtyard

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Minutia and Miscellanea

Edwin Smith Papyrus: Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Olive Oil: A Commercial Site with a Brief History of Olive Oil

Sacred Prostitutes by Johanna H. Stuckey

Seals: Ancient through Medieval Times in the Near and Middle East

Square Glass Bead with Tri-colored Zigzag: Ancient Near Eastern Glass Beads

NASA Eclipse Home Page

U.S. Naval Observatory Phases of the Moon

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Web Hosting Tips and Information

Web Hosting Reviews

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Whisper of Stone: Modern Canaanite Religion, Natib Qadish

Whisper of Stone: Natib Qadish, Modern Canaanite Religion
available in bookstores and online.

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Book Cover for Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East

Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East
Available through some bookstores on request, and online. Proceeds go towards funding more anthologies and to charities. For details about charities see Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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